SWE A4E will launch as a pilot program in 2021. Public recognitions are not part of the pilot program. The A4E recognitions program will launch in 2022. The information below focuses on the full recognitions program. Learn more about the benefits of participating in the pilot program on our FAQs page.

Our Mission

Identify and publicly recognize organizations that are great places to work for diverse women in engineering and technology, and encourage other organizations to adopt policies, practices, and a workplace culture that supports parity and equality.

How It Works

SWE A4E uses rigorous methodology to analyze data from participating companies to identify the best employers and provide actionable information and insights to both companies and women in engineering and technology.  An online application hosted by Qualtrics is used to gather and score organizational data provided by participating companies. The application has two weighted categories of questions totaling 100 points:

  • Representation of Diverse Women in the Workforce – 60 points
  • Programs, Policies & Practices to Retain and Advance Diverse Women in the Workforce – 40 points

There is also a third, non-weighted category of questions on corporate culture.  The three categories and 14 subcategories include questions on topics that research suggests are critical to retaining and advancing more diverse women in the workforce including a commitment by top management, communications and training, employee protections, corporate brand, social responsibility, accountability, and transparency.

The wide range of criteria is used by SWE A4E to:

  • Benchmark strategic and human capital programs, policies, and practices of companies and their outcomes on diverse women in engineering and technology positions.
  • Connect outcomes of the top-performing companies to best and promising practices.

Once the full program launches, participating companies that score 70 points and above out of 100 possible points will be recognized for the year, not just the top scoring companies. Because SWE A4E is focused on providing positive acknowledgement to effect change, recognized companies will also be listed alphabetically (not ranked) and the names of companies that do not meet the requirements for recognition will be kept confidential.

Every company that participates will receive two findings reports:

  • Confidential company report on their individual results compared to benchmarks from all participating companies.
  • Findings report on the aggregated results of all participating companies.